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Commercial Software

iConv The Android Coordinate Converter
(available on Android Market)
This software also convert UTM coordinates
(datum WGS84 and ED50)

There is also a free release!
Snake Free Take a break! Try my Snake game!
(free on Android Market)

Open Source Software

JBuddy A simple java development environment
Gtk-Server Wrapper Gtk-Server wrapper for Common Lisp
Slit A simple cross-platform literate programming tool
Coordinate Converter Coordinate Converter using Proj
SQLite Query Tool Simple SQLite graphical query tool
FreeBASIC Project Manager Project Manager for FreeBASIC Projects
LeoDBC A Design-by-contract layer for Java
Euphoria TCL Wrapper RapidEuphoria TCL Wrapper
Ultimate++ Recipes Some recipes useful with Ultimate++
LeoForth A Forth implementation in Java
(also available on Android Market)
GPCP Ant Task An ant task for the Gardens Point
Component Pascal CPMake tool


Modular buckyball I've taken some shots while realizing it

Latest update: 19/08/2012