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A easy-to-use Java development environment


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Java is a programming language with a really rich class library. There are many packages for the Java platform that may be used to perhaps all features that a programmer need.

There are many java development environment, open-source and commercial ones. Many environments are complex and difficult to use so they can't be used for teching or to simply try a new external library.

JBuddy solve this problems because:

With JBuddy you can use the Java language in a easy way, without project files, depencies or fancier things. JBuddy is easy to learn... somewhat instinctive!

A variant of JBuddy is being used at the University of Florence. You can read a paper here and another paper here

With JBuddy you can try an external library without creating a new project in your favourite ide! And don't worry! JBuddy has also the english localization!

JBuddy Screenshot


Are you curious? JBuddy is released under GPL licence and you can download it here:

JBuddy Binaryclick here
The main jar is jbuddy.jar, updated on 21 August 2007
JBuddy Source (Eclipse Project)click here
updated on 21 August 2007


Many people have helped while writing this software with idea and code. Some people also discovered bugs and proposed interesting ideas.

I would like to thank:


You can concact the author via e-mail: leonardoNOSPAMce@interfree.it (please remove NOSPAM from the email address)