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A java implementation of the Forth programming language


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LeoForth is a Forth implementation written using the Java language. The LeoForth system is not an ANS Forth but has many words that the ANS Forth has and the other words can be defined easily.

LeoForth has been packaged for Android devices! Now you can play Forth on your phone/tablet! Install the Forth interpreter via the Android Market!

Forth (see Wikipedia) is a structured imperative stack-based computer programming language and programming environment.

A procedural, stack-oriented and reflective programming language without type checking, Forth features both interactive execution of commands (making it suitable as a shell for systems that lack a more formal operating system) and the ability to compile sequences of commands for later execution.


Beside all the Forth features, such as decomposition, factorization and component iterative programming, this implementation has some pecularities:

You can use LeoForth as an internal scripting language embedding it.


Do you want to try LeoForth? It's released under a BSD licence and you can download it here:

LeoForth Binaryclick here
The main jar is Forth.jar, updated on 21 August 2007
LeoForth Source (Netbeans Project)click here
updated on 21 August 2007

You can also install LeoForth through the Android Market!