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Latest Update 14/01/2008

Project Manager is a really simple environment that I made to semplify the management of multi-file FreeBASIC projects under Linux and Windows. Within this environment you can:
Project Manager is Free Software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.


Project Manager Tour

First of all, a project is only a directory who contains source files, includes and documentation:

The list of files in the project is ready every time you open a project or click on the "Refresh" button.

A project directory can contain a configuration file, named "project.cfg". This configuration file contains the settings and can be edited with the configuration dialog.

Configuration Dialog

The configuration dialog is divided in two tabs:
EditorYou should enter the command used to launch the editor. The string "" will be replaced by the file you have choose to edit
Editor GotoSame as above but you should enter the command line used to launch the editor and directly goto to a line in the file. This is used for the compilation output and the search string facility
CompilerThe command line of the compiler. The list of file in the project will be appended to this command so, if you want, you can also enter your options.
DebuggerThe command line of the debugger. The executable filename will be appended to this command.
Pdf ReaderThe command line of the PDF Reader (not used)
PdflatexThe command line of the pdflatex compiler (not used)
Temporary fileThe path of a temporary file that will contain the compiler output
Execution commandThe command line to use to execute your program. The string "" will be replaced with the executable file name. You can use this command to execute your program within a terminal.
Project Main FileThis is the name of the project main file. That file will be the preceed the other sources in the compiler compilation order
LaTex Main File(usused)

The Project Manager Window

Open ProjectYou can open a project choosing the project main directory
File listYou can double click on a file to open an editor
RefreshIt's useful to reload the project contents
CompileCompile the project and switch to the "Tools Output" tab. You can double click on a error (on the line that contains the file name and the row number) to open an editor directly on the wrong line
RunCompile and run your project
TodoGrep your source code for the string "TODO". The output is in the "Tools Output" tab.


You can download ProjectManager from here:
Project Manager 0.9.8Project Manager for Linux and Windows. For FB 0.18.3

If you are using Windows please install the GTK Development Environment before running Project Manager. To install Project Manager you should only expand the zip file in one folder and start "ProjectManager.exe"

If you are using Linux you should expand the zip file, compile the project (see compiling), and start "ProjectManager".

The package contains also the source files.


To compile Project Manager you can use the "compile.bat" file on windows and the "compile.sh" file on Linux. You must use the 0.7b release of FreeBASIC for Project Manager 0.9.4 and FreeBASIC CVS version for Project Manager 0.9.5dev.


Project Manager is written using FreeBASIC and GTK so please let me now about the issue you found (patches are of course welcome).

If you use linux you must start ProjectManager in it's own terminal (in foreground mode).

I don't know why it don't work without a terminal.


This program is licensed with the General Public Licence.


14 Jan 2008Bug fixes and 0.18.3 support
28 Jan 2007Bug fixes
29 Jan 2006First release of ProjMan

Acknowledgement and Contacts

I would like to thank the FreeBASIC guys for their wonderful product.

Please drop me an email at leonardoce@inNOSPAMterfree.it to make me know the issues or problems and if you found this project useful.