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Common Lisp Gtk-Server Wrapper - Download

Download links

You can Download the source package here: gtk-server-wrapper.zip (latest update 7/10/2010 - requires gtk-server 2.3.1)

You will need this gtk-server cfg file: gtk-server.cfg (latest update 7/10/2010 - please change this config file to choose the correct libraries for your operating system)

If you want you can download the examples packages: gtk-server-wrapper-samples.zip (latest update 7/10/2010)

Please see the documentation page for the supported platforms and implementations

Please let me know if you are using this wrapper and if you find it useful! You can contact me at leonardoce@interNOSPAMfree.it (please remove NOSPAM)

Changelog and Project History

7/10/2010New Release
  • Bug fixes in the gtk-server-components package
  • Bug fixes in the eighth example
  • Gtk-Server shared object interface using CFFI, Matthew Swank
7/10/2010Updated config file (gtk-server wrapper now require Gtk-Server 2.3.1)
2/1/2008New Release
  • Bug fixes in the gtk-server-components package
2/1/2008Updated config file (gtk-server wrapper now require Gtk-Server 2.2.2)
7/8/2007New Release
  • The gtk-server package now contains some costom components in the gtk-server-components ASDF package
  • A new example for the custom components
  • Bounded g_object_ref_sink
  • New version of gtk-server.cfg needed
  • Bug fixes
5/11/2006Updated config file (gtk-server wrapper now require Gtk-Server 2.1.2)
19/2/2006New Release
  • Graphical condition management with guarded-mode
  • New binding for gtk_hpaned_new, gtk_paned_add1, gtk_paned_add2, gtk_paned_pack1, gtk_paned_pack2, gtk_rc_parse_string
22/1/2006New Release
  • Now you can create different components with the same symbol name (and different package)
  • Lispworks (linux) bug fixes
  • Binding for gtk_widget_set_size_request and gtk_widget_set_usize
8/1/2006New Release (require Gtk-Server 2.0.8):
  • Base64 encoding
  • Utf8 encoding/decoding (enable and disable flag in gtk-server:*utf8-encode-decode*)
  • Fixed show-message format encoding
  • New external parameters gtk-server:*debug-gtk* and gtk-server:*utf8-encode-decode*
8/1/2006Gtk-Server-Wrapper requires Gtk-Server 2.0.8
1/1/2006New Release:
  • New Api Documentation (generated by LispDoc). You can read the api documentation from the documentation page
  • Now Gtk-Server Wrapper supports the base64 data type of Gtk-Server (needs Gtk-Server 2.0.7)
  • New bindings for gtk_window_set_modal, gtk_window_set_transient_for, some functions from gtk_tree_view and some functions of gtk_list_store, gtk_text_buffer_get_insert, gtk_text_buffer_insert_at_cursor, gtk_text_view_set_editable, gtk_entry_set_text
  • New "table" component for gtk_table
18/12/2005Gtk-Server wrapper now works also in MacOSX with Lispworks
17/12/2005This web site is new linked from Gtk-Server download page
11/12/2005New Web Site
10/11/2005Gtk-Server wrapper development started